Inside my head....scary!!
2001-10-20 19:27:27 (UTC)

What should I do???

hey ya'll! whats up? this is my first entry to i kinda dont
know what to write but i have this problem that i really
need help with so if you are reading this now and now
something i could do please write me back!! thanks~
anyways~see, i like this guy and he is in 2 of my classes
at school plus i cheer for him and football games because i
am a cheerleader(and yes it IS a sport!) i really like this
guy a lot and i think that he is leading me on cuz he
always flirts with me and tells me im
pretty...yada...yada...yada...but he wont ask me out! i
dont wanna waste my whole school year likeing just this one
guy if he wont make any effort on me! one of his friends
say that he is just really shy but i think that by the time
you get into high schoo you should get some sense and stop
being such a baby about stuff like that,ya know? i really
like him a lot..like i have said before....and its to the
point where everytime i go outy with my friends and we all
rant and rave about some other hot guy we just saw or
something i always am like whatever!so-n-so looks better!
the guy i like......uggh! i just dont know what to do! if
you have any suggestions,please write me back~im so