even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-10-20 19:08:01 (UTC)

scars aren't so easy to erase

so, some firen sof mine have said that a diary liek this
will help.. usually i opt for a handwritten journal, but
due to stuffo lately i ahavn;t had the chance to sit down
ever and write by hand, or do my homework,or sleep or eat
well, or really do much at all... but its fun sometiems,
and its entertaining, but its damn hard work, you know? and
it shouldn;t be.... this is public too... so everyone can
read this, hi guys... all of my friends have things ups up
here, but, private i think, yikes i just notice if i ant to
go inset something, it erases what i typed already, mayeb
thast to keep it ofline journally, where if you write it,
you've wrote it... wrote, see how well i use english? well,
i guess i can start with what happened today.. i woke up
early and went to take the psat, and it was harder than
ithought, and stuff liek that, intesne anything really,
just drains me, i think im goign to be worthless all day,
which sucks, caus eit skellys birthday, and i need to get
out an dhavbe soem fun with my friends, which lately we
havent; been gettign enought of ayway.. i hope we can pull
it together today... birthday are over retad enywa, tis
liek, so and so, blah blha blha, ruined my day dna its
like, fucking, hwo is your birthday any differnt from any
other day? its not.. its the same as anytoerht day, i mean,
otehr than it marks teh dy of your birth, and maybe
its "monumental" or some shit, other than being another day
to ruin, i think tis pretty worthless to put so much
emphasis on one day... so... here a big f-you to brithdays,
unless they are 13, 16, 18 and 21.. and then like, anything
with a 0, you know? i don;t evn rmemebr my birhday last
year... i used to want to inivte alot of peopel to my
birthday party so i could get lots ofpresents, and one oyea
i idn't have alot of friends, and i was like, fuck.. im im
gonn aget a few presents, but id idnt; think, i don;t have
alot of friends, btu thast ok, i was younger, and now, i
realizes that friends are more importants than presents...
gees, that waslike.. my childhood,t aht sucks.. it hink
they are right, i think this journal is a good idea...
cause i alwys have time to be onine, no matter how tired i
am, and how little time i have.. i liek this.. thanks
guys... and i think i'll have stuff to say, i wont have to
philosophize to my friends so much, cause i knwo that my
quasi philspsohizing can get annoyoing... so with that, im
out of here... till later, which might be sooner... ahh...

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