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2001-10-20 19:04:37 (UTC)

moo tothe power of two and stuff

well i have been thinking. i really like chelsea. i like
her to the point where i would go out with her behind her
fathers back. but i wouldnt do that only cause i dont want
to loose his trust before i even have it. if you dont
alrealy know the storie behind chelsea then here it is. she
is 14. i am 17 turning 18. she is very mature for her age.
she looks mature and she doesnt always act it but she is a
mature person. well her mom likes me enough where she
doesnt mind chelsea going out with me. and then theres her
father. he is one of those over protective people that
think everybody is out to get his daughter. but i am not. i
just want to have a loving relationship with her. well
anyways back to what i was going to say. last night we were
walking around the school after one of our concerts and she
told me she had good news but she cant tell me till it goes
through. it can be many of things but there is only one
thing i want it to be and that is that she is alowed to go
out with me. it could also be that i got a job at a
recording studio. i was talking to her mom about that the
other day. well yea. and it could be that i dont have to
play tuba anymore. and that i can get back on my own
instrument. whitch is baritone horn. but most of all i want
it to be that i can go out with her. i like her alot. i
almost love her. there have been times when i have caught
myself almost about to kiss her. it is just this feeling i
get. like one time she was tickeling the back of my neck
and then she put her chin on my shoulder and asked me if i
liked it when she does that and i said yea. well when i
said yea i was about to kiss her. but i held back cause i
know what she thinks about friends kissing. and yea. well
ill leave you guys and girls with that to think about. this
has been another writting from The_DuDe AKA Basstorius. see
all you later. bye bye . email me at
[email protected] if you want to talk about
girl/guy problems. i know quite abit for a 17 year old.
trust me. well bye bye bye