Evil Twin

Must i have some cute or catchy name for
2001-10-20 18:32:38 (UTC)

I actually have something that isn't anger-laiden to write about!

Tonight was absolutely unbeleivable! For the first
time in a really, REALLY long time i was so completely
ingulfed in happiness that at first i didn't even believe
it was real. Yeah, i know, i usually say this kind of stuff
only about girls i think i am in love with. But this time
it was just friends. Just friends, and i was perfectly ok.
I didn't think about everything i had found out, or
anything that has happened since then, i didn't think about
the fact that my job sucks and i am gonna be broke next
week, i didn't think about the fact that school starts back
Monday. In fact i didn't really think about anything. I was
just...absorbed in the moment. Several people there had,
ummm....nice way of saying this....disagreement issues with
others that were there, and a couple of times, those issues
started to come out. But nothing really came of them expect
a peaceful resolve. I was so proud of those people, i still
It was around three in the morning, most of us were
drunk (at least i was lit up like a Christmas tree), and
Joe's guitar was there, so a sing-along was bound to
happen. It was beautiful, it really was. Everyone knew
their parts, knew when to go higher or lower than the rest
of the group, for the most part we knew the words(note to
self-learn the Creed CD better), it was...as much as i hate
to say this...it was warm and fuzzy!
Well, i need to go because Jon won't stop MSGing me!
But i want everyone to know that i really do thank them for
such a wonderful time last night. Thank you for everything
you did for me, and thank you thank you thank you for the
realizations you all brought me to. I love you all.