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2001-10-20 18:31:53 (UTC)


yea well i broke up with chris and thats not a shocker to
me but the biggest reason why i did it was cuz this guy at
school his name is Stephen not said as steven its like
steffan but yea he kinda told me he really liked me and hes
a bad boy and i had people tell me that hes not a good guy
and hes gonna play me but i also had to say hello hes new
to our school you dont know him but hes living at a group
home cuz hes in recovery from a substance abuse thing drugs
and alchohol but this past tuesday he got suspended and he
hasnt been at school for 3 days and i miss him so much..we
connect so well its not even funny.. i dont have to say
anything and he says yea i know wat you mean and i give him
a quizzical look and then i go oh yea i know it sucks and
he nods and says its oka and gives me a kiss and hug i love
the way he is but he needs to chill i know his depression
meds can fuck him up at times but it dont matter to me and
a while back i cut my wrist and i told like 4 of my friends
and one of them went to the counselor :( and the counselor
called the social worker and the social worker called my
rents and i got a nice talking and i had to talk to the
social worker and i guess i think i might be goin to see a
phyciatrist cuz i think i have a form of depression and it
might be bad enuf for meds but i hope not my mom says i
dont have to go to the phyciatirist but i think i want to
go cuz i dont trust counselors or social workers cuz a lot
of my friends have had problems with them but i have to go
and im really bored i just got outta the shower im staying
at heidis tonight (my best friend) we would go see a movie
but im broke so ne ways im DISTURBED IS THE BEST!!!! lol so
is MuDvAyNe and Saliva and System of a Down lol well i
gotta run and jam and get dressed maybe ill write later but
im not sure i wish stephen could talk to me but lets pray
that he comes back to school on monday and lets pray that
he didnt do whatever he did and he was blamed for something
he didnt even do cuz i think thats the case toots