Blonde And Dangerous
2001-10-20 17:18:08 (UTC)

Greg Finds Volume!!!

The lock-in was SO much fun!
Josh and I getting our wimpy asses kicked by Jason and
Brandon on 007 Goldeneye. I'm not very good at that game
and neither is he. I think combined we died about 65
times. Eeeks! But we DID get about 8 kills! Does that
count for absolutely anything?
We were playing hide and seek inside (it sounds dorky, but
it was kind of fun!) and then some of us (Jason, Brandon,
Josh J., Charlene, and I) wanted to sleep. So we kept
going from room to room until we ended up in the nursery.
Well, Josh Welch and Greg were throwing things into the
wall to be jackasses, and it was so funny. Brandon was
getting SO pissed off!
He was trying to sleep in the little crib in there (he's
small, he can fit easily), I was on the floor by the crib,
Jason and Josh were laying with their feet by my head, and
my feet were by Char's head. Anyway, Brandon got out a
couple of times. The first time he just told them to knock
it off because people were trying to sleep. The second
time he went and yelled, "You stupid fuck!! Quit throwing
fucking things into the fucking walls!!!" Now, that
wouldn't seem odd to most people. But we were in a church
and that's NOT like Brandon at all. It was funny! (you
had to be there). The third time he went in with a small
rocking chair. Hehehe...
And after I had ALMOST gotten to sleep finally (a few
more "shut the fuck up"'s and "stop that you bastards"'s,
it was finally quiet. Until Greg found volume.
Irk. He realized the TV had volume, and turned it ALL THE
WAY UP. Grr...

"You stupid fuck!!" -Brandon (like I said, you had to be

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