The Diary of S
2001-10-20 17:11:37 (UTC)

Night out

My boyfriend and I went out last night. We had his mom
watch the baby.
We went to the movies and watched 'Jeepers Creepers.' It
was soooo scary until the end. THE END SUCKED!!
But I was hugging all over my boyfriend most of the time. ;)
It was great.
We haven't been out in so long. Which is sad but hey we
have a kid!

Anyway, I'm on this diet. It sucks. I don't get any sweets,
no coke. And I only eat things that are good for me. It is
so hard. But when I start craving chocolate or something I
just think..."What will I like most: how good this candy
bar tastes or how good I will feel fitting into my old
jeans again?"
The jeans sound so~~~ much better. I'm serious. I am so
depressed because what I have let myself become: A FAT
I'm so determined to get back down to my old size again
before Christmas.
I know I can do it.