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Emo Violence
2001-10-20 16:39:42 (UTC)

Saturday now

so its saturday, just got back from breakfast with mom, im
just chillin, i need to clean my room, and im excitedly
awaiting my new amsterdams cd. i didnt do anything last
night, stayed with dad adn watched The Mexican, i fell
asleep but thats ok, it wasnt all that bad, i wanted to see
joshua fit for battle, but oh well. no way he wouldve let
me. mom and i are gonna run some errands today, good too,
i need to get things done, my teeth feel a little grity, i
drank too much coffee and not enough teeth brushing. we
may go to the good will in west chester, i think its a
salvtion army actually, very nice. my moms getting upset
again about bill, his loss.

i hate to see her like this.

i better go. need to brush my teeth

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