casey vespa

street knife fight
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2001-10-20 16:26:59 (UTC)

damn. its starting to feel like winter's actually NOT sunny out right now, which is
completely sad news for me, the one who thrives merrily
under the hottest sun. Ah well...
I sort of am wondering if people are even READING
these...if they are, rad, if they arent, rad. Either way
this is much easier than coming home from writing alllll
day and then writing again about myself. No thank you sir.
SO yeah...
Yesterday was very weird...or it just didnt feel, i
dunno, it didnt feel like i was living it. And it was
really really long. I left school at like 10:30 to go to my
cross country meet which was about 1 1/2 hours away...bleh.
And i wasnt even RUNNING because my leg got screwed up
thanks to my idiot coach who told me to run on it all the
days before...sigh. So i was seriously not happy, i really
do like to run and im actually getting surprisingly
good...and i feel like such a letdown, everyone asked me
why i wasnt running and gave me that look like, uh huh, just pisses me off. I try so hard and it
doesnt even pay off...grrrrr. But it'll get better and then
i'll be able to race again...i hope i hope i hope...but we
were there till 6 at night. HOW BORING. GRRRA! and then
when we got back, all my friends were gone and i was
supposed to have seen brian last night, but he never
called. Sigh. I just cant deal with this. And i, being so
guy-like, wasnt about to call him. NO way. He said he would
call me so he was gonna have to call ME. But the only
person that called was Louis, quite surprisingly, who i
dont think has ever called here before.
Hmmmm...interesting. But he was probably just trying to
invite me to this show i know everyone went to last night
so he could try and hook me up with alex again...Bleeeeeh.
Louis. STOP. God.
SOoooo, yeah. That is where i am now. And i think i am
stressed or something. My body still feels really crappy
and im breakin out which only happens when im stressed....i
HATE this! dammit boys! so today...? i dunno. What in the
world is goin on today? i know one thing though, someone
owes me a CALL! and actually TWO people do!
rachaelllllllll!!!! where are YOUUUUU? Rachael=my best
friend and partner in crime. We have the oddest
relationship eva...i can say totally nonsensical things and
she'll totally get it...i could totally live over at her
house and she could do the same here. She is my totaly
equal opposite. Where i am loud and talkative, she is more
quiet and reserved...where i totally fail at flirting with
guys i like, she goes out and gets short, i love
her. Bam. Love that girl...soooo she needs to call me. And
i need to take a shower, so later...


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