my manic world
2001-03-11 03:39:35 (UTC)

well......i stayed at her house..

well......i stayed at her house last night. it began very
pleasantly. we hung out, i got my belly pierced again, and
it was fun. then she had to go drop something off to her
ex. i tried hard not to get pissed, but she was such a
bitch, and the anger filled me. it was very bad. not that
i was pissed at her, just at her ex's bad attitude and
complete rudeness. everything was settled though, and the
rest of the evening went well. i was so glad to sleep next
to her. this morning we went to the bob marley fest. it
was okay, but kinda boring. then we went to liquid and did
some other running around. nothing too exciting, i just
love being with her. so then we had to get some money from
her ex and her ex's new gal. she told the new gal not to
bring the ex, and of course, being the bitch that she is,
the ex calls back and asks why she can't come. as shes
telling her why, i'm in the background yelling what a bitch
she is and this and that. she didn't come, but i made it
very clear to the new gla that the ex doesn't need to call
or come by ever. its not that i'm jeolous, because i'm not
at all, shes just such a complete bitch, all the time.and
then sometimes, i wonder if the little thigns that mean a
lot to me, if they use to do the same stuff, and its really
aggravates me, because i know how the ex treated her, and i
don't know, i jsut hate thinking they might have done the
same shit. i just wish that her life could have really
started when she met me. i'm retarded i know, but oh
well. everything is totally okay now. i am feeling much
better, and so is she, because she doesn't want to see her
either. hopefully neither one of with have to. anyways,
thats about it.