Dirty Fractyl
2001-10-20 15:19:19 (UTC)

Giving up

How can someone say they love you so much and make so many
plans and then just all of the sudden one day decide they
don't want that. You just don't go around toying with
peoples' hearts like that. I still want to see her, to try
to jumpstart this relationship, but I am sure she has given

I suppose it is not all bad because now I may just hook up
with one of the two girls that I know like me and do live
by me, opposed to being 20 hours away. Hell, I think I
could actually pull of dating both of those girls at the
same time. They go to different schools. Yeah, I am going
to go back to my playah days, and stop even trying to look
for love. It's a fucking myth, anyway.

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