My Deepest Thoughts
2001-10-20 14:38:39 (UTC)

It's Saturday...Ahh..The weekend...

Dear Friend,
Finnally the weekend has come. Last nite I went 2 the
arcade. Tonite I'm going 2 a hockey game. The only reason I
go 2 hockey games is 2 see the fights. Hehehe...if u r a
hockey fan ur probably pissed @ me now..No offence! I like
2 see them play 2..Ben & I, well, just like the fights
better! No Ben is not my boyfriend! Don't go there! Ben is
a 6th grader..I'm a 5th grader in case u didn't kno that.
We just talk. SHUT UP! I kno I'm weird..I obviously
wouldn't be keeping an online diary if I wuzn't!
Hehehe..Calm, Jen, calm. Ok I'm calm! Well that's all 4 now
folks! Hehehe..Bye!