The reasons why....
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2001-10-20 13:23:14 (UTC)


I have a diary feature on my Palm now, so half my entries
are in there, but no way to transfer them here. Eric is
now home. Things have been the say "One Day at
a Time" is the way to go. But I am getting the feeling the
last few days that I don't belong here anymore. Does
anyone else out there feel like a strnager in their own
life? Like they look around and say, "Hmmm...whose life is
this? Because it is not mine!" If anyone out there
actually reads these, I would love to know. I sent DF (AKA
Mr. Keys) a little Yahoo greeting last night and said
something about a lot of things I want to say, but it would
be unfair and I am too scared. Not too sappy, or too
whatever, but he is no dummy. He called when I was at
dinner and left a message. he sounded pissed, I was
supposed to go out with M to a bar, but she called so late
I had made other plans. The message was, "I hope you are
still going, she was looking forward to it." Then he caled
at his usual 3:30am, but didn't leave a message at all. He
was either:
#1) Freaked out by my e-mail
#2) Pissed I didn't go with her
#3) So drunk at that point he couldn't speak
I dunno?

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