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2001-10-20 11:36:49 (UTC)

The beginning

Before I start my Anxiety Journal I guess I should go over
what I have been through over the past few years.
I have had Panic Attacks on and off since I was pregnant
with my middle child almost 9 years ago.

I got it because I stressed myself out so much fighting
with my self whether or not to tell my husband something
from my past. Unknown to me my mum had already told him 6
months earlier before I met him.

My last attack was in '97' when I left TAFE to get a job, I
found a job in a cafe, I got sacked after a week. They
wanted fast and nicely done sandwiches - I could only do
one or the other. So my self-esteem took a dive and then
came along Anxiety, then about a year later for one reason
or another I developed Agoraphobia.

I am only now coming through the agoraphobia, my PA comes
and goes and at the moment I am managing it well without

I will use this journal to record my recovery and any

I will also list where I go. since its a big thing for me
at the moment
I am getting out and about.....I have tried before but t
his time it is different because the other attempts have
been one-offs.

I am greatful to Heavenly father for the courage I have had
to do things right this time.