Diary of a dope fiend.....
2001-10-20 11:04:36 (UTC)

.....my so called life....

Ugh! what a fuckin day... i was suppose to go out with my
best friend but she couldnt get out... then i was suppose
to go out to affle waffle but that got messed up too...so
here i am bored and not tired. too much damn coffee *runs
in circles* and my bf was on earlier but he wouldnt talk to
me but he'll talk to everyone else.. he told me he cant
talk right now... so im just like ok fine bye and left *so
he thinks* just made it so he couldnt see me on. hes
begining to tick me off. My poor little heart cant take
anymore. He knows better than anyone what i've been
through, and now hes doing exactly what every other fuckin
guy does...Avoids me! i dont know why... i dont know what i
did. i just cant seem to do anything right i guess, and
cant keep shit always loosing something...be it a piece of
clothing, jewlrey, or a guy. I love him more than anything
and i tell him every chance i get that i couldnt live
without him. I try and talk about US, but he avoids the
subject...UGH! men all the fuckin same.
oh well i guess im gonna get going ..write him a long ass