Date With Destiny
2001-10-20 10:27:20 (UTC)

Career Moves With Passion!

Hello David,

I know this may sound strange... but you have reached a
stage in your thinking that Tony speaks to as massive pain
that you can GET EXCITED ABOUT!!

It is the pain/pleasure principle. We are more motivated at
times to avoid pain more then we are to persue pleasure.
Tony says THAT the state of displeasure with what we are
doing is the most awesome motivator to make a decision and


David.. you dont have to make fundamental moves in the
moment that will jeopardize yoru income!!

Here is my checklist of things I have done to move into a
new career. They have worked for me in the past and Im
using them AGAIN!!

1. Clearly define in your minds eye what kind of person YOU
WANT TO BE life!

What would you be doing if you had a million dollars and
financial abundance? How would you live, how would you
feel, how would you act, how would you dress, what feelings
would you carry, who would you vist, what would you be
doing in your spare time, what things would be most
important to you in y our life, who would you love? who
would you call? how would totally successful make you feel?
How would you talk? How would you act? How would people
react to you? How would you se the world? how would you
view your friends and family? What kind of personality
would you project to others? How would you feel if you were
totally unstoppable?

My apologies for the free flow above but you get the
picture. Define in your MINDS EYE.. exactly what state you
would be in if you were totally successful and arrived. How
would you BE in five years from now if you arrived and
lived as the person YOU WANT TO BE IN LIFE!!

2. What would you be doing when you Arrived?

Who would you be helping? Who would you be visiting? How
would you be travelling? What charities would you be
donating too? What position would you be excelling in? What
new expertise would you be offering to people, your boss,
your organization, your company, your community? How would
all this make you feel?:)) What things would you be
spending your time on that are REALLY important to you in
life? How would doing that really make a difference in your

3. What would you HAVE in life?

What income would you HAVE if you answered all the
questions above and reached your level of being "absolutely
successful" ? What would you wear? What would you buy your
loved onces? What kind of house would you live in? What car
would you buy? How much money would you give to charity?
What relationships would prosper and flourish if you had
absolute abundance? How would your spiritual goals be
nurtured if you were totally successful? More time to give?
More time to grow? More time to worship? More time to
cultivate loving relationships? How would that make you

Get excited about the person... BEING.. you are developing
David. Trust me, you really work on this aspect and all the
answers about HOW you want to get there will start to come
to you spontaniously in your minds eye.

There is something powerful, even magical about developing
in the workshop of your midn, the kind of person you want
to be.. moving to the doing then leading into the having.

Your subconsious mind will tap into the synergy of the
universe to start to make thigns happen to you!!

If I were you, Id be excited now, you have reached that
point of decision. Your challenge now is to make that state
work for you with some massive action.

Thanks for sharing your post here. You can count on all of
our support.