Date With Destiny
2001-10-20 10:04:11 (UTC)

Mastermind Alliance 911-Inspiration Fights Desperation

Wow Shania,

What a wonderful idea. You know, I seem to remember that we
discussed a MA book two years ago and the concept kinda
fizzled out!

What if we wrote this book and had dedications from all the
inspiring people we know..Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn,
Stephen Covey, Jim Brown etc.. how they feel about the
event and what they think we all can do to MAKE A

We could give out signed, auto graphed copies at ground

We could launch a book tour and raise money for the
charities that are helping out there.

We could launch a world tour book series...a Mastermind
Alliance kind of "Chicken soup for the soul type of
series... to counter desperation with faith and hope.

We can focus on how ordinary people can and WILL do
extraordinary things to overcome adversity.

Time is always an issue, but Im willing to write a few
chapters and contribute. Id love to contribute funds to
disaster relief groups like the Red Cross,

How can we turn this into a fundraising venture and perhaps
a launch of an ongoing Mastermind effort to continue to
help those in need?

Now that underling concept would inspire me greatly.