worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2001-10-20 09:04:47 (UTC)

Cruel Punishments

i rest my tits on the edge of the table for you with
my hands cuffed behind my back. For mouthing off and
throwing a tantrum last night, today i will be punished
severely. You begin by beating the tops of my tits with a
ruler. Bringing it down sharply on my tits and crushing
them against the table. Next you take a heavy rubber
mallet and methodically pound on my nipples until they are
hugely swollen. You grap my nipples pulling them as far
across the table as they will go and clamp them there.
With my tits thus stretched you take a pin and slowly
scratch the tops of my tits. When you are done you have
inscribed the word "slut" onto my left tit and "cunt" onto
the other. Each word easily visible in red against my pale
flesh, but not quite bleeding.
You unclamp me and lead me by the nose to the middle
of the room. There my clit is clamped and tied to a hook
in the floor and my nipples are reclamped and tied to a
hook in the ceiling. i am stretched cruelly. You take a
well-prepared ginger root and shove it into my ass. For a
few seconds i stand there waiting for it to start its
vicious burning, knowing that when it does i will be unable
to stand still and that my squirming will be agony for my
clit and nipples. Soon my insides are burning and just
when i think it can't get any worse you begin to beat the
undersides of my tits with the ruler. i am screaming
wildly before the ginger wears off.
Now i am bent at the waist over the table ready for my
spanking. My nipples are again clamped down so as to
prevent my standing up. You choose the most painful
implement you have for me - the large wooden paddle. Each
swat pummels me into the edge of the table as if my ass
were a peg you were trying to hammer into it. i loose
count of the strokes as time stretches to infinity. My ass
is throbbing and i am sobbing uncontrollably. Still the
paddle slams into me, punishing me mercilessly for my
misdeeds, stopping only when your arms are too tired to
lift it again.
Next you bring me to the punishment chair. First you
tightly tied on a make-shift horse-bit gag that hurts my
jaw and forces me to drool all over myself. As i am
strapped into the chair my drool is already running down my
chest. i hate it because it is humiliating and that is why
you do it. My tender ass is seated on a hard wood plank
that offers no relief. My legs are placed in wide metal
stirups that prevent me from closing or lowering them. My
hands are again cuffed behind me. To my nipples you apply
icy-hot gel generously. And with the flick of a switch, a
riding crop attached to a spring is pulled back and
released, smacking directly onto my unprotected pussy. It
is pulled back again and released again smacking my cunt.
Over and over it will continue until you turn it off. i
begin to cry as you walk out of the room, leaving my pussy
to be tormented indefinitly. Knowing i am so worthless
that you desire not to even see me receive my punishment
and suffer for you.
An hour goes by. My incessant drooling has washed off
most of the icy-hot and my pussy is red and swollen.
Finally you return. You turn off the torture device and i
hope i am to be freed. Instead you produced a massive
dildo and begin violently fucking me with it. You tell me
i am no longer good enough to fuck and that i don't deserve
your cock. You leave the dildo in me and motion to the
door. A woman enters. You introduce her to me as your new
sub and my new mistress. i am to obey her as i would you.
Then, in front of me while i am still strapped spread open
and drooling, you fuck her, not stopping until both you
have cum. She turns and laughs at me telling me what a
worthless cunt i must be not to be able to satisfy you.
She tells me my punishment is just beginning.