Neurotic Escapes into the Tempered Mind
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2001-10-20 06:44:02 (UTC)

so i've met this girl...

yes, i've met this girl, and i've know her for a month or so. it turns out we share a commonality in talent. how lovely.
not just that of course, but her personaltiy is beautiful. "sweet" (for lack of a better word at this time) with a large hint
of individuality and flare, with a very refreshing quality. not only that, once again, as i find her very attractive. i've
seen her around campus since the previous year and only know have i gathered even the slightest of courage to talk
to her. so we talk, and things move slow. i dont know when the time to take a baby step further and test the water
should arise, in fact, i am totally oblivious to it. i dont know if i should speak with her longer, or go for the first date,
my first of any date anyway, as i am quite the amature in this sort of thing. well, by now i'm sure you are borred with
these simplistic ramblings, so i will call it a night.