Neurotic Escapes into the Tempered Mind
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2001-10-20 06:32:26 (UTC)

this would be me, and this would be writing.

in case you have not noticed, this is me. these letters would be me starting this journal after a failed attempt at the
live journla website at the request of a friend to use their crappy service. this would be why i am now here, writing
this page for this journal. interestig how i am actually considering that somebody actually cares that this is being
wirtten, and is, or will be, reading this page up to where i know type and beyond. ....anyways....today's day was like
any onther, filled with fruitless attempts at trying to please the "needs" of others at my own ignored expense. meh,
this is how life has been forever, and most likely how it always will be. fear not, i will not drag down the trail of
teenage depression and frustration in these next few pages, i'm sure you get enoughof that on a daily basis anyways.
it seems whenever i attempt to venture forth from some pitiful little shell i call an ego and touch basis with other
individuals, the fact comes to mind that: "nobody cares". as usual, i am made fun of and forgotten about. so is life.
no big deal really, perhaps tomorow will find better success...