Jen's Daily Adventures
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2001-10-20 05:27:32 (UTC)

Depressed or not?

My dear sweet "Reals"~

Well today was the last football game at home at good ole'
EHS. Seeing the Seniors walking on the field, getting
applauded for the many accomplishments they have done
during the football season was rather depressing. I was
sitting there thinking, " Wow, next year that is going to
be me and I might actually miss my school that I complain
about." You know I have gone to the same school for about 4
years now and it becomes a part of you. The people are
great and it just makes you happy inside.

Now for the depressing part...
My friends have been fighting non-stop for about a month
and it's starting to upset me greatly...IT'S JUST WRONG I
TELL YOU!!! TOO BLOODY WRONG!!! I absolutely hate it when
people are mean...but then again..I feel aweful for
something I said to my neighbor friend. Her name is Kellie
but we will call her 'K'. Well anyway, before the football
game started me and a group of friends were eating dinner
in the hall and 'K' happened to be in the Guard room doing
God knows in a sense of being funny I said, "
Kellie keep your hands out of your pants!" and we all
laughed...she walked out and she gave me this glare that
said " Okay smartass...ha ha funny but I love you and I
know you are joking" so she went back in and this time she
closed the door...So being funny again I walked up to the
hole in the door, not noticing Aaron behind me... well lets
just say he pushed me and the door flew open and I scared
the bajebus out of 'K'.

After that I got a royal bitchin' by my section leader,
Kira. Now let me tell you this much about her. She is a
great person and truely means well but she is the ultimate
reason for all of the blonde jokes I swear! But she told me
how she thought that was very mean and I shouldn't have
done it and blah blah being the person I am I felt
bad even though I knew 'K' knew I was just teasing and
didn't mean anything by it, I apologized to her. 'K' just
laughed and she said that it was okay and she thought it
was rather funny. So that was a good thing.

I normally hate football games because to me they are a
waste of my time! I mean I sit there beside 3 snares and
they all beat the crap out of their drums like there would
be no tomorrow and I swear one of these days my ears are
going to explode from the louding annoying sound of what we
call "hacking". I just see no point...but anyhow, I was
excited for this one...My boyfriend Jon was coming to see
me...Now let me explain something...Jon is the most awesome
person I have encountered in my life! He and I are so much
alike it's just plain ironic! For Example..I am in band..he
is the drum major...I work at Wendy's..he works at
Wendy's...Our Birthdays are both in November, We like
cats..a lot...We have the same Calendar (totally unplanned)
I love the same music he does... and I could go on and on forever
but I won't.But talk about 2 peas in a pod!..Well anyway he
didn't show up and it saddened me...a lot...I got home and
found out he went to the punk show that him and I both were
supposed to go to...but later I figured it was okay and got
over it...hey he should have fun right? well anyhow...tis
late and I have BAND tomorrow.
Sweetest to all the Reals.

Te amo.
-Moonbeam Kisses-