a little piece of me
2001-10-20 04:59:25 (UTC)

it's been awhile...

well, today was a pretty good day. it's been awhile since
that has happened. first, i only had one class today,
which didn't start until noon. that always helps. it was
painting, too, so it's something i kinda like. i actually
finished my second painting today. the teacher said it was
weird, but she liked it. she said everything clicked
together in a strange way .we painted a still life, but i
did mine in a style much like mattisse...not my usual style
at all. i generally do everything very detailed and
realistic. it was a nice change.

second, a couple of my friends took me out to dinner for my
birthday. we drove an hour and half to go to this place
called alexander's steakhouse. it was so expensive! but
it was cool. we got to cook our own stuff over this huge
ass grill. i had terriyaki (sp??) chicken. we got to make
texas toast stuff, too. it was soooo good. i could've
just eaten the bread and been happy. i felt bad cause it
costed a small fortune, but it was really good.

then, we went to a haunted house. actually, it was the
haunted woods. it was awesome! we wandered around, had
people jumping up everywhere. got lost a few times. it
was great! i guess i should mention that i'm a total freak
(no really...kinda gothy) so these things don't scare me at
all. but, my two friends (plus one of my friends' sisters)
were screaming like crazy. i laughed all the way through.
i even scared a few people that were working there (i wear
all black, and i was walking a few feet behind my friends,
so when people jumped out at them, they didn't see me until
they ran into me! too funny!) it was great. it took us
like 20-30 minutes to get all the way through the silly
thing. it was that big! ah, i love that sort of thing.
halloween is my favorite time of year.

ok, so i think that's about all for tonight. i'm a little
tired, so i'm going to bed.