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2001-10-20 04:46:23 (UTC)

the moffatts

I cant believe it, the moffatts, my fave band ever is kinda
breaking up, well dave the hottest guy ever is like going to
victoria to go to university and then of coures the other
members like decided to stay in the band and like change
their name to PUSH or something, but push to me sounds like a
really gay name! i love the moffatts and i cant stand the
fact about what theyre going to do! but i have to think that
clint and bob are still in the band! scotts just a dumbass,
like what kind of guy at an autographe session sayz to a fan
"itz very hot in here, itz hard to swallow" while doing this
weird hand motion! im glad that i went to their final concert
and got the drum stick! other then the moffatts and matt my
life like totally rox!! i have the best friends in the world!
matt is a pretty cool b/f except when were fighting! he seems
to think that i alwayz start the fights but last time i
checked he started the last fight, he told my x best friend
some stuff and she told me and i calmly asked him if he
needed to talk to me about something and he totally flipped
out at me! i really dont know what i did, and i feel really
bad about it, but hes the one going out to diner w/ a "good
friend", i would care if he just told me he went out to diner
w/ a friend that he hasnt seen in a really long time, but no
he has to put good friends in " thingies! but ya he drives me
completely out of my mind, and he gets pissed off at me for
going to the movies w/ brad even though ive never been to the
movies w/ brad, hes only been to my house when jordan was over,
and we went to visite jan, but of coures he wont listen to me,
and doesnt even listen to danny-o and danny is like one of
his best friends!!! brad is like one of those guy friends
that u talk to all the time about gucci, prada, and christian
dior, it doesnt make any sense! but any way im gonna start
talking about other things other then matt!

today jordan called and left a message that she really
had to talk to me about the moffatts, and i ran up the
stairs so fast that i fell and like ripped off part of my toe nail,
but not for the first time, i really have to stop doing that!
last night danny was like drunk out of his mind and emailed me
thinking that i was his friend steph that ive never met, and
he started saying that i was hot and that he never liked,
liked me or something, and that if i like ever liked him, and
was willing to go out w/ me that he would go out w/ me! and
last night i was talking to my cousin valerie, and she was
laughing at matt! and it was so funny! phil the other day
finally emailed me back cuz he never emails me back and i get
really pissed off at him for it! and stuff!
well im gonna go to sleep now l8r dayz ppl!