Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-10-20 04:36:33 (UTC)

Do you have the time...

to listen to me whine? about nothing and everything all at

Well.. I'm not gonna do a lot of whining.. but that song
was in my head so...

I had to stay with the 3's today at work. We were short 3
people! 3! I mean, that's a lot. So.. everythign was all
screwed up and ppl were running around tryin to figure out
how to work stuff out. It was madness.

I got home and Tess called me like, the minute I walked in
the door. I was pretty excited. I honestly thought that she
would just end up doing something with her parents and not
call me or anything. But, she told me she had to do
the "family dinner" thing.. and then she would call me when
she got home. So.. I was expecting that to be around... 7,
7:30.. at the latest.. 8. I told my parents before they
left for the evening that I'd be home by 11. Cause well,
I'm sick.. and my mom didn't want me stayin out really late
or anything.. I dunno. I was tired too. So, Tess finally
called around a quarter after 9.. and even then, she said
it would be a half hour before she would get home. That
would give me like, what.. 45 minutes to stay at her house?
Nah.. So, I just explained about the whole 11 o'clock thing
and told her maybe we could get together tomorrow or
Sunday. I hate that. I also hate it, cause well, if I
woulda known I wouldn't be able to go to Tess's.. I
would've gone out to eat with my parents! Instead of stayin
home eating Doritos with cheese:)

Yes, I'm STILL sick. I think my lungs are about ready to
give up.. I've been coughing for over a week now. It's
really startin to give me some major headaches. Like today,
everytime I'd cough.. I'd feel my brain literally aching.
It's crappy.

I actually have DEFINITE plans for tomorrow.. and I'm so
pumped. Can't wait... for real.

Oh yeah, Tess told me on the phone that she saw Amy at the
mall? Yeah, apparently she's home this weekend. Hmm.. I had
no idea. How odd.

Our senior video yearbooks are in:) Tess said they're
pretty boring, but I haven't gotten mine yet... so I guess
I'll see. I'm kinda excited tho.. I mean.. I'm gettin tired
of lookin at my pics over and over again. At least it will
be something I can watch.. ya know.. for memories or
whatever:-P hehe

Oh.. one more thing. Yesterday.. when I said the Harding
trip was 3 weeks away.. yeah.. I was wrong. It's two weeks
away. Even more exciting:) hehehehehehe