Dreamers Girl

girlz got it rough
2001-10-20 03:37:06 (UTC)

life sux

I couldn't beleive this. I went from hottie of the year to
zilch. It all started when me and Renae got in this huge
fight it was so weird cuz then the guys are all beating up
this one kid and then Renaes mom blames it on me. So then
lets go back and remeber Adam. We never afficialy broke up
but were broken up. He still likes me and I still like him
but were not going out. Then theres my friends. Have you
ever been in the group but not in. Thats how I am. Well
thats how I feel. Val told me that I was so in, but she
can't see it from my view. I might be in but what happens
if I get out. All I told Val was I wanted to go to her
school and shes like why you are in such a cool group, I
didn't say anything else. These people are my friends but I
can't talk to them. Their just not the people. Have you
ever seen a movie or like watched the movie friends and
then just freaked out and thought Oh my god I wish I had
friends like that. Well I do all the time. I want friends I
can tell stuff. I want people who want back stab me. Today
at Jessicas house I was sitting on the couch with Adam and
chase and they were squashing me in betweeen them and the
song I'm like a bird came on. All the girls were havin a
itty bitty conversation and then there were the boys who
were trying to talk to me, and then right then i wished i
was a bird cuz it hought hey there would be no boundaries,
no changing urself to impress certain people and right then
when i was thinking about it i was happy. I wish I was a

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