Electric monkey
2001-10-20 03:17:09 (UTC)

10-19-01[um, ok. ]

went to see From Hell tonight, the new johnny depp movie.
yep. =| it was a creepy movie and i had fun driving home by
myself. =( i dont have much to say about my evening. but my
day was good. got my physics test done in class, which is
rare, did great on my speech in english, german test was
simple... and graham came over for a bit right after
school. i left for the movie at 5:30. to meet jessica and
anna there to go ahead and get our tickets and go eat
before it started. graham was off to a concert, of course.
Fishbone, who played with the chili peppers a lot, so ive
heard. and they were also on SNL. go figure. so that band
was actually at rhinos tonight. i would have gone, but id
been planning to go to the movie for a long time.. =|
well, off i go
im going to sleep now.
long day tomorrow. =|