DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
2001-10-20 03:11:08 (UTC)


Friends are alwayz suppose to be dere for you right?
I woke up n noticed how many "Real" friends do i habe?
i came to the conclusion not that many
i talk to so many people
but none reallie call me their "friend"
they just sey shyt bout me behind my bak
so sick of it
so sick of dis shyt
fuk chu people i swear
you want me to be gone
imma gone so stop whinen
Stop talkin shyt
cuz imma gone
imma realli gone
gone for good
gone from ur shyt
everyones shyt
u damn bakstabbahz
thought u were all my friends
until i found out
your not you talked ur shyt
now imma gone