lil miss vampira

My life story of being a manwhore
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2001-10-20 03:05:13 (UTC)

Late Friday Night....

im sitting here, watching cartoons... fun fun fun.... my
night out with Jason was canceled, so im sitting here
suffering and talking to some friends and an ex bf....
hehehe.. the grim reaper is here to take away Mr. snugglez
the old hampster
Muahahahahaha!! *punts the mean gay boy across her room* i
am Lizz! fear me! bwahahahahaha! *breaks a toe* ouchie...

As you can tell kiddies... im bored to death. but im full..
mmm.. sweet satisfaction... i cooked dinner tonight and of
course i was the only one to eat it. arent i appreciated
around here? not really....
mmmmmm.... dr pepper... yummy.. Cartoon network is amusing
hehe.. courage the cowardly dog is on, this show is cool
(yeah i know, i have no life but hell its ok for me.. im
only 16, i can still be a little kiddie at heart)

time to amuse Cindy and Adam with ugly pics of me.... and
time for another cig... racoon/dinosaur Vs. Courage..
prize.. a pie... lol

Time to go.....

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