What are you, some kind of Adrien?
2001-10-20 03:01:45 (UTC)

My ear is/was purring...

I swear. It was making a sound like purring. I SWEAR! It's
really scary. Rob told me to go get it checked because it
might be infected or something. He also said something
about pressure inside the skull and surgery. I don't like
those words. Remind me to beat up Rob.

My story on my open diary is coming along very nicely. Of
course, I'm only letting a select few read it. I don't want
anyone *cough*Tom*cough* stealing my ideas. Heather says
it's freaky. That really makes me happy because I like when
my stories are freaky. I like writing things that can put
so much emotion into someone.

I've added "Simon" to my list of superior race people. Just
for Kerri. As she left me a note saying if he wasn't on,
she'd have no one to reproduce with. *nods* So there he is.
Be happy, girl! Don't put yourself down for not hugging him
today before he left! He said you were pleasant to look at!
That's a good thing!

Anyways, me and Rob decided that for our grad next year,
we're going to rent a hotel room at the Newfoundland Hotel.
It'll only be 50 bucks a person. And it'd be so much fun!
It's so beautiful there. It really is. So, I figure, me,
Rob, "Taylor", Annie, Adrien and possibly Glenda will be
there. I mean, out of all the people at our school, we hang
out with those the most outside of school.

So, I think I'll be on my way now. Remind me if there's
anything important I forgot to write.

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