DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
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2001-10-20 02:58:53 (UTC)

TrYeN aS hArD aS i CaN

i am tryen baby
tryen to accept
the fact its ovah
no one can help me
baby i plz dunt let it be ovah
ur my life
cant live wif out chu
knowen i didnt try
i am tryen to win u bak babi
i cant let dis die
we worked so hard for it
but now ur given it up
what for babi?
tell me why ur given it up?
wasnt i ur dream come tru?
u were myne
but i lost u
plz dunt let dis die babi
we tried so hard to be where we at
i just have to try to keep this up babi
u kno we cant live apart
u kno our love is so strong
no one can stop it babi
Did you find sumone else?
Is she better than me?
Is she ur new dream gurl?
Does she love you the way i do?
Babi i promise she cant love u lyke i do
my love is one in a million
We so close
we shared every thing
We have conversations
babi why arent u thinken of me?
or how i feel?
does she make love to you lyke nevah before?
is she beautyful?
much more than i could evah be?
Babi no one can evah take ur spot
So come bak to babi
My love u will nevah see again
if u walk out dat door a million times
i still let u walk bak in
my love for u is so amazen
i could have n e guy i want
but i only want u
cant u see dat?
i love u
n only u
so come bak to me babi