Silver web spun of a twisted imagination
2001-10-20 02:38:55 (UTC)


He is so much to me.
I am typing like he does.
Line by line.
The way I type my poetry.
We are so alike,
But different enough to keep our relationship from
I mean, I've been in a few other relationships, but none of
them were so wonderful like this.
This is love.
Aye Diosa!
I want this to last forever,
For the 'happily ever after' ending I always read about.
But with growth and development that is part of life.
With Tim.
Always with Tim.
He does so much to me.
I think of him and my spirits rise,
I can't get mad.
I don't know if he realizes that however much of him I
He molds just as much of me.
He is so beautiful.
And so blind.
When it comes to him anyway.
His world views and perception are very sharp though.
He is a realist, but still wishes for the ideal, and the
fact that the reality doesn't match the dream frustrates
He is so like me.
I hope I am his ideal.
He is so perfect.
I love you so much, Tim.
Never doubt it.