shifting mists
2001-10-20 02:36:54 (UTC)

epilogue to integrity ...

... just a small snippet of a conversation between Jeremy
and myself ...

Jeremy: I don't think anybody should make an effort to hurt
someone... But it does happen even if it is
accidental or mis-communicated...

Me: yes ... but i am writing about when it is
intentional .. such as during an argument ... as an
example: when i argue with dad and he calls me
names but i don't retaliate .. accidents happen (we
are all human after all) and that is what apologies
are for ... but intentionals happen even more …

Jeremy: No, but that is because you choose to not retaliate
out of respect...

Me: no i don't ... i don’t retaliate because it is the
worth of my values that is at stake .... it's easy
to stick to your values when they are not
challenged ... it is when your values are put to
the test that shows whether you are true to them or
not ...
if i were to strike back at him with words when he
hurt my feelings then it would mean i don't truly
believe what i am saying ... that i’m a hypocrite
because i say i believe something but don’t follow
through when that belief is tested ... kind of like
the whole "practice what you preach" thing ... ya