DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
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2001-10-20 02:31:39 (UTC)

PaRt 5 LUsTeRfUl

NoW pArT 5 HoRnY tYmE

asH N joSh n ELiZa n ALiShA N faItH StEp oN To mExIcO
BoRdErS NoW ThEy cAnT GeT ArReStEd fOr tHeIr cRiMeS In tHe
uSa FAiTh gOeS NuTz n sTaRtZ StRiPpEn iN FrOnT Of sUm
mExIcAn gUyS ThEy sTuTtEr iN SuM WoRdS N FaIt h gOeS Up tO
OnE Of tHeM GeTs oN ToP Of tHeM N StArTs dAnCeN N SlOwLy
sTrIpPeN DoWn tO NoThInG GoEs dOwN On tHiS GuY UnDoEs hIs
pAnTs n sUcKs oN HiS CoCk n tHeN LeTs hIm jAb hIs cOcK
InSiDe hEr sHe sCrEaMs oMg n sHyT WeLl aSh n jOsH ArE
GeTtEn iT On iN Da bAk oF Da cAr aLiShA MeEtS SuM OfFiCe
dUdE N StArTs fUkEn hIm *EvErYoNeS FuKeN SuMoNe* ElIzA
StAnDs tHeRe jUsT WaTcHeN ShE FiNaLlY StArTs lIcKeN SuM
GuRlS BoObS N OmG ShE ScReAmS AlRiTe nExT DaY FaItH WaKeS
Up n sHe sTaRtS BeIn sIcK Or sUm sHyT WeLl sHe tHrOwS Up
aLl DiS ShYt n aSh iS WoRrIeD BoUt hEr tHeY TaKe hEr tO ThE
HoSpItAl AnD FiNdS OuT FaItH Is gOnNa hAvE A BaBy *ThEy
bEeN OuT Of jAiL FoR 5 MoNtHs* N ShE FiNdS OuT ThE BaBy iS
LyKe 5 mOnThS N ShYt thEy nOt sUrE Of tHe fAtHeR So tHeY
HaVe tO WaIt 6 mOnThS FoR ThE BlOoD TeSt tHeY KnO FaItH
FuKeD Da oFfIcE DuDe n tHe mExIcAn gUy sO ThEy wAiT N If iT
HaPpEnS To bE ThE CoP DuDe tHeY GoNnA FiLe sExUaL RaPe oN
HiM N ShYt tHeY Go bAk tO ThE UsA FoR ThAt tHeY DeCiDeD
ThEy nEeD A CoUpLe bUcKs bUt n e wAyZ ElIzA Is a lEsBiAn
sHe wOrKs aT DiS ClUb wIf aSh n sHyT wElL ElIzA StArTs
sTrIpPeN In fRoNt oF "J" He sHoWs uP In mExIcO WiF HiS
FiNeRaNcE ShYt n dIs iS FoR HiS BaTcHeR PaRtY WeLl eLiZa
gOeS DoWn oN j N ShE FiNdS OuT J Is aSh'z j n sHe gEtS
AnGrY AfTeR He fUkEd hEr bRaInS OuT N ShE FaLlS FoR J
KnOwEn iF ShE ToLd aSh aSh bE PiSsEd

DiS iS wHaT hApPeNz To FrIeNdZ wHo FaLL FoR FrIeNdZ ExZ