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2001-10-20 02:24:06 (UTC)

The World In Actuality

The world is a twisted and devious place that seems to
work against you.. but you do get those few moments of
happiness that may just be leading you on at times.. but in
the end you will find happiness.. contentness.. a reason to
We have our hopeless romantics, suave players,
friends, and enemies. Many people who effect us so much
whether in a good or bad way, but they effect us none the
less. They at times make us stronger, at times make us
weaker, and at times bring our guard down when we need it
as defensive as possible.
Hate filled, trusting, fearful, angry, depressed or
just feeling alone. We are what we are, but it is those
around us who shape what we are.
We are what we let others make us. Try not to let
them bring you down. We were created equal and we should
remain that way. Heal your corruptive mind and lose your
blindness... see what this world really is and accept it.
Many wander through this world oblivious to the
reality that is. People tend to be devious, cruel,
evil...all things that harm us so strongly whether the
person harming you realizes it or not.
Some people think it's a joke to test your patience,
to try to push you over the edge of your tolerance and just
make you snap. I don't think I'll ever understand how
somebody can intentionally annoy someone and not feel bad
about it.
We are all human. We should live in equality. Nobody
should be held higher than another because of their looks
or learning ability. We should help all that need helping
and be fortunate of what we have and refrain from rubbing
it in the "unpopular" people's faces.
Me, I'm sorta border line.

Not in with the in crowd,
Not in with the out,
Somewhere in the middle
And always full of doubts.

Its been long since I've trusted someone I knew in
real life. The only people I confide in are my two best
friends and people online who cannot truly hurt me.
I suppose I'm anti-social, but in reality to that I
don't really like people. I get annoyed easily and yet I
can get along well with people most the time though.
We are all a contradiction in our own way...some of us
more troubled than others and our problems more complex,
but none-the-less we are all troubled and in need of help.
Do not feel as though you are above anyone for it is that
which will make you lower.
Keep your heart pure and see the truth. Do not
question someone because of their opinion, but accept their
idea and merely add in your own if you have an opposing
view. Refrain from being so judgemental and just accept
people for who they are and once you truly get to know
them, then you've the right to judge, but until then don't
make a first glace opinion.
You only get one chance to make a first impression...
right? Well when you first meet someone you usually aren't just remain quiet or polite and respecting
until you know what they are ok with. (Well for some of us
who were "raised properly" as I am though in reality I
think I am merely stuck in my own shell trying so hard to
be accepted.) For that I hate myself...I can't just be
myself hardly ever...not that it matters...hopefully soon
enough I'll be out of here and happy...or at least content.

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yahoo = night_shine77