Just Me
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2001-10-20 01:48:04 (UTC)


well everything has been good in my life. but i do have two
problems. one is my mom loves to drink. i used to never
mind because that ment she was out and out of my hair. but
now i get to the point when i dreed going home because i
wonde if she is drunk or out with her friends. i think its
even got to the point where my girlfriend doesnt like to
come over anymore. i want to tell her how i feel or jsut
leave but its hard to do that. i dont see the point on why
people want to drink. anpther big thing has to do with my
girlfriend. she thinks i dont love her. she has thought
that for a long time. i try and try to tell her and show
her that i love her but it seems not ot be working. i
honestly do love her with all my heart and soul and have
for along time. i think she doesnt want to admit to her
slef that im in love with her. and i also know its hard for
her because we cant be out in the open because we are two
girls. her familt doesnt except it. that puts a damper on
our relationship, but i just want her to know how i feel
about her.

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