Schmarmish Blaffle
2001-10-20 00:00:09 (UTC)

Bob the Immune System

Current Music: Fatboy Slim, Yo Mama
Current Mood: Happy :).
In which marley babbles: The song is one of my duet ones,
actually. Jen actually picked good music! It was very
I'm just feeling odd and slightly hyper. Don't really know
why... just am. And I also have really, really, really
nothing to say. I'm still sick, and my immune system seems
to have gone on vacation. Stupid immune system. Maybe
Fredrica can have a little chat with him...I think his name
is Bob. I like that. Bob the Immune System. I bet he has a
I wonder what it's like to be a piece of cheese? Just to
sit around in the dairy compartment...sitting, and waiting,
and being all cheese like and such. And then some person
comes along and hacks off several parts of you, and then
doesn't seal the Ziplock baggie, so you go all moldy, and
end up making yourself sick. And questionable. I HATE
questionable dairy products- yogurt scares me.
I have to babysit tonight, but it's for the nicest little
kid EVER. He just sits there and watches TV, and then when
it's time for him to go to bed, he just goes, and you don't
even have to read him a story, because he's tired and wants
to go to bed.
See? I told you have nothing to say.
And now I'm off to go... do somthing. Edit, maybe.