The life of a hellraiser
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2001-10-19 23:59:04 (UTC)

Blue Friday

Well, it just turns out that the rumors about Ben going
out with Colleen McGowan were true. DAMN. I found this out
on Tuesday after school when I went up to Ben's locker and
talked to him about how things were going. I asked him if
he was going to the homecoming dance (tomorrow night). He
said he was. He asked me if I was, and I said yes. When I
asked him if he was going with anybody, he said he was.
That was when I found out that he was going out with
HER!!!! (Blecchh) Then I say to him, "You're going to the
dance with Colleen aren't you?" That's when I got angry and
lost my temper. The last thing I remember him saying to me
is "So, what's up?". That was when I've had enough of his
bullshit and just rolled my eyes and gave him my
famous "you-make-me-sick" looks, held my head up high, and
just stormed off. For the last three days, I haven't been
talking to him, every time I see him I just keep on looking
forward when I see his face in the crowded halls of
Woodstown High School and at lunch when I saw him standing
in the line halfway across the room, I just rolled my eyes
and turned the opposite direction(my back was facing him).
He was staring at me at the time, and I was in such a bad
mood that I wanted to just yell,"What the hell are you
staring at?" or "Will you please stop staring at me
already?", but I didn't. Yesterday, I talked to my good
friend Andrew Mendolia about this whole thing between me
and Ben. He told me that he was right when he told me that
Ben and Colleen were dating. He told me that he liked her
for a while. As I was hearing this, I started to get
angrier and angrier at Ben; so angry that I was afraid that
I was going to be foaming at the mouth with anger. I was
wondering why in the hell didn't he tell me this early on
because I had no idea that he had the hots for that blonde
(Ewwwwwwww!). Then Andrew says that he probably likes me
just as a friend. I just respond, "Great,just great." From
now on (to the time THEY break up), I no longer talk to Ben
after school. I go right outside on the front steps where I
stand and wait for my bus to come every day. Oh yeah, that
tuesday afternoon when I lost my temper, I do remember
telling Ben to "have fun at the dance with
his 'girlfriend'". before I stormed off.

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