The land of unknown
2001-10-19 23:33:46 (UTC)

What The Hell Happened Here?!

Mood: content
Music: Spahn Ranch 'The Judas Cradle'

i feel better today. much better. after a short
conversation with Kitty and a respons from yet another
stranger, i feel better. i'm kinda in the mood to write
more of one of my stories, but i'm not sure which one.
see, there's the first of the big ones: 'The Schreck'. i
know, since the title's in german, it should be 'Der
Schreck', but that'd confuse the ignorant. anywho, it's a
fantasy story about pirates that go through the Barmuta
Triangle and get thrown into another dimension. and
then shit happens. the second story i started was,
'Shepard'. a sci-fi story about a common everyday crew
that's hired by their government to do a quick job for
them. they need to go to a space battle station with
supplies. they crash, shit happens, their rescued, more
shit happens, go out again, more shit happens. i say
more shit happens when i don't want to give away the
details. i have 3 stories to that one planned. i'm going to
do more, but i'm not sure what'll happen. so yea, the
next is 'Val: Vampire Hunter'. i asked a friend of mine
who happens to be a vampyre(yes, vampyre) so he can
help make the story authentic. vampyres are the real
thing we have today, vampires are in reference to the
mythical beings. the story uses vapmires for the
purpose of not confusing the ignorant and, it is a
fictional story that takes place, well, not this planet so
time doesn't matter. also, there is a story i have in the
works of planning. called 'Shinju'. about a monk who
fights this raptor and defeats it, but brings it bake to
health. then it stays and they become commrads. then
i'm not sure where to go with the story. i only have 3 of
the characters. ALSO, there was one of my old stories
from the 6th grade to which i had planned on re-writing
to make improvements. it was a good story and i'd like
to put it to it's full potential. there was one story from the
9th grade, but it came out great and needed no
improving. sure, it's not perfect, but i was happy with it.
the only thing i would do to it, is lengthen it. it felt short
to me. too long to others but i have a high standard for
my writings. what's interesting is, 'Shepard' was based
off a dream. real cool. i modified it some. in the dream,
there were dinosaurs to which there won't in the story,
and the space ship they had was a modern day shuttle.
of course i had to come up with all the other details. i
don't even remember how i came up with it all. just, next
thing i know, i've got a story started. same with Val:
Vampire Hunter(V.V.H.). actually, that one i do
remember. one night, i was lying in bed(supposed to
be asleep) but i sat and thought up characters and
almost the whole first story to it. V.V.H. is devided from
Acts into parts, into stories. 4-5 stories in one part. 3
parts for each act. and 3 acts. makes up for a large
serries. i have the intire first part thought out and
planned. but still writing the first story. i have an idea of
the first act. and 'Shinju' was more of a concept. i
thought it'd be cool if a raptor were to pick a fight with
some one it couldn't handle. and quickly, Shinju was
born. muahahaha. The Schreck was something i
wanted to do for a while before. i wanted a good pirate
story that incorperated fantasy concepts. so i had to
figure a way to get average pirates onto a new planet.
the only way i could think of that was acceptable was
the barmuta triangle. things go in and sometimes don't
come out. it works. that story is heavily influenced by
things from Battle Chasers. the whole idea of medievil
type culture with technologie to which we don't even
have yet. a very interesting concept. Shepard is more
influenced by Alien Resurrection. mainly by the crew of
the Betty. i found them and their ship interesting. so i
came up with a story that seemed somewhat like their
everyday life. not them of course. and the ship in my
story is larger. and it's a more legal operation. instead
of kidnapping people. and they're more civilized then
the crew of the betty. the story was also influenced by
Farscape. i love that show. especially influenced since
the main character is based off of John Crichton, the
main character of Farscape. V.V.H. is over all influenced
by a lot of anime. things like Trigun, Dark Stalkers, Iria.
things like that. so, yea. i'm not sure which story to work

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