DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
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2001-10-19 23:15:44 (UTC)


My storys all kinky horny shyt yo oh well they lyke mad
fuken funny as hell man i wish i could write shyt lyke dis
for skewl *lol* alrite

Today was weirld i woke up by the noise of music classic
dreamly music i walked slowly to the door openen it slowly
there was my dream boy he waved at me i waved bak he slowly
came closer to me picken me up n confessen his love for me
then he tells me imma his queen of his life i was lyke ok
who da fuk is dis then i was lyke plz let dis not be a
dream cuz i lyked it alot well i made a mistake in dis
world i fell flat on myu face slippen on dis dress i had on
i didnt kno i went to bed wearen a dress when i hit the
floor i woke up i was lyke wtf dis cant be a dream in a
dream lol i have da most strangest dreamz evah n e wayz
dats my life story

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