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2001-10-19 23:14:31 (UTC)

Jarod and I spelt together. It was sweet, and perfect. =)

Sexy Night with Jarod

Thursday and Friday were so great. And yes we did sleep
together. I care deeply about Jarod. This guy is so VERY
SWEET to me. He drove ALL the way down to the Springs from
Cheyenne wyoming (he lives on the air force base)...thats a
3 hour drive. He came picked me up and drove me back to his
place thursday night. We talked the whole time up there.
Leraned a lot about him, his life, and his friends. =) I am
SO VERY HAPPY! When we got to the base we changed and
started watching "Bring It On". We watched that for about
30 minutes. I was giving him a back rub and then a chest
rub. I worked my hands down into his boxers. Then he moved
cause my shoulder was dieing. So we are lieing next to each
other, my hands in his pants, and he was rubbing up and
down my thigh. After a while I started jerking him off.
Thats why he just shut the t.v. off and started kissing me
and unbuttoning my pants. I had pretty much already taken
all his cloths off. I love how this boy kisses. mmmm =)
Well I started jerking him off faster and he was fingering
me pretty fast. I got to the point where I was hvaing too
much form him to concentrate on him. He knew it so he
started fingering me harder and faster. I'm moaning away
loveing how he is rubbing my clit in circles. Fingering me
deep and fast. Then he undoes my bra and starts sucking on
my tits. God that has me screaming like mad. I love that.
He kisses his way down my body and then starts licking my
clit. God that was it for me. I was grabbing his head and
guiding him where to go. Where I like it best. He starts
licking up and down the right side of my clit. God that was
SO ALL I needed to orgasim. hehe. Jarod then tongue fucks
me slowly. Then rubbing ym clit he goes faster and faster.
I'm begging for him telling him I want his cock. Then when
I climax again he moves onto his back and I nibble on his
ear. Then kiss my way down his chest, licking his nipples a
little =). Then I start on his blow job. I kiss around his
dick, which is standing pretty hard right now. I lick his
balls and rub them a little. then run my hands up and dwon
his thighs. Then I jack him off slowly. As I'm doing that I
lick up and down the underside of his dick. Sucking on his
tip. I let his see how wet I'm making his cock. He grabbs
for mytits and moans. So I deep throat him once, then
pause, then again. He is wiggling pretty fierce now. So I
start going faster, sucking hard as hell. Hard as my mouth
lets me. But after about an minute sof deeping, I likc
around his tips and suck HARD on it. He shots his load when
I did that. I swallowed it all. I even licked him pretty
dry, making sure to suck some more ot get him hard again. I
move up onto his chest and he pulls my ass closer to him.
So I'm sitting on his face and he started eating me out
again. God I love this boy's tongue. =) Then he pushes me
onto my back and leans over me sucking on my tit and
rubbign the other. He startes thrusting into me. Letting me
get used to it. Doesn't hurt at this point. Then he starts
really going in deep. I'm feeling the pain, but yet
enjoying it. He goes faster and faster, all the while going
deeper and deeper. Then he grabs a condom form the desk and
puts it on while kissing me. Then he thrusts in DEEP FAST
AND HARD. God that shit hurt but after he stopped to let me
get used to it he started off slow again, going faster and
harder with time. I'm moaning like hell right now. OMG THAT
FELT SO GOOD. I was scremaing his name and begging for
more. Suddenly he starts ramming into me faster and faster.
Groaning and bretahing deep. I know he is about to cum
again. I thurst my hips with him showing himt hat I want
it. Then with a few strong deep thrusts he explodes. He
leans on me and slows his breathing. Then he leans over to
his side of the bed and grabbs my head and kisses me long
and deep, asking me if I'm ok. I am PERFECTLY FINE =)
Well that was about 12:30/1 when we finished. We slept in
each others arms till about 3am, when I start playing with
his cock again. I grab one of his hands and guide it to my
pussy. He gets the diea real fast and starts rubbing me
fast and hard. He loves when I moan his name, so I'm
moaning and groaning. I take the lead this time though. I
jump on him and grab his dick. I guide him to me, leaning
on it but not penitrating, teasing. He begs for it and
grabs my ass. Thats when I let hims slide in. I start
moving SO slow. He is groaning like all hell and begging
for me. I start mocing my hips faster and faster. My tits
boucing like all hell. He keeps his hands on my ass,
grabbing and pulling. His mouth is either on my nipples, my
neck, or my lips, teasing me with his tongue. He even
startes rubbing ym clit after a while and I'm slowling down
again. driving myself andf him crazy. So I let it all go. I
just start riding him hard and fast,. I'm screaming and
screaming his name. Boucing every where. God he feels so
amazing!!! I cum shortly after he lets out his load too. I
colapse on his chest and he runs his hands down my back and
through my hair kissing me on the forehead, thanking me.
Telling me he loved it. I'm grinning like an idiot. =) So
then I roll over to my side and fall asleep in his arms.
Thats how we woke this morning at 8:30.

We left his place at about 9 am. We talked and held hands
the whole ride back. He told me about his ex girlfriend and
what happened with that. We talked about ex's for the most
part of the trip. It was stil very nice. I got home about
noonish. When we got to my house he told me he would call
me tomorrow. Since he goes back to the field Sunday. Then
we kissed for a while, groping each other a little. Then we
parted. He got home about 3:45 or so he said =) hehe

This story IS real. Happened last night.

Sex is good. None is bad
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