Mind Unleashed
2001-10-19 23:14:24 (UTC)

Finally 18!!!

On the 16th, I finally turned 18!!! My best friend Meg got
me some really cute angel memorabilia. The rest of my
relatives gave me money which helped my money situation
quite a bit. Today I got a call from Alex and he said that
he misses me and I called him a liar and I told him that I
wasn't gonna believe it until I see it, and even though
that's how I feel-it was a bit mean and I'll probably write
him another letter saying I'm sorry, but I hope he knows
where I'm coming from. He said that he really likes the
last letter I sent him and it really made his day.I can't
wait to see him, but I just don't want to leave home
dissappointed because what I envisioned happening between
us didn't. Meg said that he was telling her a bunch of
mushy stuff, but she couldn't repeat it 'cause Ivan was
there being a nosy as usual.Gotta go.

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