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2001-10-19 23:12:17 (UTC)

Sex story

Sex story "Control"

Katie Loved the idea of being in control. Be is girls or
guys she liked it. Its turned her on. Drove her crazy.
Right now at her friend's house she was pondering who she
would dominate next. Thats when her friend said her brother
would be stopping by and she would be back in a while cause
she had to run and get something.
Katie smiled to herself. God Sarah's brother was amazingly
hot. Matt had this dark brown hair, with a sexy built
chest. For 5'8'' 165 lbs he was oozing sexy. She had always
dreamed of fucking that boy, even now she couldn't help but
touch herself. Oh yes rubbing her pussy lips getting wetter
and wetter just thinking of fucking him. Kaie started
moaning loudly as she forced three fingers in and out of
her dripping pussy.
Matt thought he had heard soem one moaning and when he got
to his sister's room he saw her friend Katie fingering and
moaning loudly as hell. Matt could feel his 8.75 dick
getting harder and harder as Katie screamed his
COCK!!!!!" Matt smiled at that thought. Fucking that girl
would be amazing. Mtat heard lots of storried about how
Katie like to be controling and great in the sack... So
many of this friends had fucked her already. Said she was
freaky, but worth it. Thinking to himself, "Why not chance
Thats when Matt said, "You want my cock you can have it
Katie jumped up, but smiled all the same. Good boy...had
come to her call like she knew he would. Katie was
surpirsed at him calling her a whore...turned her on more.
She hadn't finished cumming yet and she needed to, but only
till he was ready.
"Take off your cloths, get on the bed and close your
eyes.", Katie demanded, not stopping from fingering herself
slowly now.
Mtat strip and jumped on the bed, closing his eyes waiting
for what he thought would be the blow job of his life...
little did he know.
Katie grabbed her hand cuffs and quickly did his hands to
the bed posts. Matt opened his eyes and yelled, "Yeah!",
but was cut off, "SHHH I have plans for you." She then tied
down his legs. So Matt was spread out in an X.
Katie then told him to wtahc her. She got on top of his
chest and leaned back a little. Then with one hand spread
open her pussy lips. "OHH BABY LET ME LICK THAT!", Matt
begged. "NO" Katie ordered. She then started rubbing her
clit slowly, only to go faster and faster. Katie's screams
were getting louder and louder. Then she started trusting
her fingers in deep and deeper. Fucking her harder and
Matt was forced to watch her please herself. It was driving
him nuts. He was SO fucking hard. God he wanted that pussy.
It was dripping on his chesta nd he couldn't even touch it.
Ktaie knew he was dieimg to touch her, likc her, fuck her
good. She stopped when she finally cummed. Letting it drip
on his chest. She then straddled his face. "Smell it, saver
it, but don't lick", Katie demanded.
Matt thought, "Fuck that!" He went to shove his thong deep
into her.
Katie moved off him and smiled an evil grin, "Bad boy!" She
then grabbed her black leather whip. She moved Matt onto
his side, or as much as his body would let him. She then
let her whip slash him hard on the ass. Matt jumped at the
contact. It was surpirsingly nice. He moaned her name after
the thrid slash.
Katie smiled. Knowing he was enjoying it. She then grabbed
a blind fold and tied it around his eyes. While she was
leaning over him he could feel her tits touch his chest
through her shirt. He smiled at the thought.
"You like that baby? You like my tits?", Katie asked
softly. "Want to touch me?" Thats when she un did the hand
cuffs, setting him free.
Matt grabbed her hard and shover her onto his cock, but she
pushed him back and slapped him hard. The sting didn't last
long though cause Katie jumpe don his cock after that. "YOU
liek that?! That what you want?! You like my pussy!?" She
was boucing up and down like a little ball, but Matt
couldn't see. He was groaning so badly loving the feeling
of shooting his load into her. He moaned Katie's
name. "Yeah I know you liked that.", Katie answered for
him,"You get more if you listen." Katie then got off Matt
wtaching him grab for her to not leave. Katie went back to
her bag and grabbed her oils. She then starddles Matt
again, noticing that he was rock hard again. She knew he
could smell the oils. That it was turning him on. She
rubbed a bit of it on her hands and started massaging his
chest. Matt moaned softly at the treatment he was getting.
Got she had amazing hands. Then Katie started licking
around his nipples, sending him into a wiggling motion. God
that felt so good!!! She had one fucking great tongue. She
was driving Matt's mind crazy. Katie then slide back and
rubbed around his cock. Teasing his balls and rubbing them.
Matt nearly leaped out of his skin when Katie wrapper her
lips around his throbbing dick. Sweet god that felt good.
Ktaie started going down...slowly... softly... all the way
down. Deep throating him, but teasing him while doing it,
rubbing his balls, licking his tip and flicking her tongue
all around Matts cock. Matt was nearly whimpering for
Thats when Katie grabbed Matt's cock nice and hard. She
suck up good and hard. but not leaving his cock, sucking
hard, while rubbing her tongue on his tip. She jacked him
off slowly then faster then slow again. Driving him to
scream for it, "OHHHH KATIE PLEASE MAKE ME CUM!!!" Katie
just watched him wiggle. His hands pushed into her skin,
sending shivers of pleasure down her spine. God he was so
yummy. Katie loved sucking on his cock.. Then finally sh
just started sucking up and down. Faster and faster she
sucked his throbbing dick. Matt was groaning like mad now.
He tensed up and Katie could feel his balls tighten. She
only went faster and harder on his cock. God how she loved
to suck dick. YES YES YES was all Ktaie could think. She
deep throated him when he thrust his hips up and get his
load into her mouth. Katie moaned loudly licking it all up,
sucking that cock dry. Matt's bretahing had grown less
heavy and hard. She want not done yet. She licked him again
and then rubbed his balls. Licking his balls, while rubbing
his cock. She wanted him hard again. She wanted to REALLY
fuck him. To have him watching her control him. See his
face his eyes on her. Feel his hands on her tits. God she
NEEDED it!!! When she was satisfied with his current state
of hardness, she backed off.
Katie wasn't prepaired for Matt's attack. Matt pushed his
legs up causing her to fall into him and then he flipped
her over onto her back. Katie was now under his control.
Matt had no plans of being prisoner for everything. He
wanted to taste her, to fuck her the way HE wanted! Matt,
still sitting on her middrift, started teasing her pussy.
Touching, but not penitrating. He would rub his hands
against her pussy lips causeing Katie to wiggle and thrust
her hips, hoping his fingers would penitrate. Matt only
smiled and started to tease her nipples now. For this he
let her guide him. She took his hand and showed him how she
liked it. He pinched and pulled, making her arch her body.
When Matt got her to do that again he shoved three fingers
inot her dripping pussy. She rised and grabbed his head
shoving her tongue into his mouth. Matt could feel her
tongue exploring, teasing, taking what she wanted of him.
Matt noticed the small thrusts she was giving to the beat
of his finger fucking. He pulled his mouth away from hers
and started to lick and suck his way down to her tits. God
they were so big... yummy large 38D tits.. god what a hand
ful he though. "I want you", Matt caught himself saying.
"Please. Take me.", Katie moaned between groans. She was SO
close to orgasim and it was killing her. She wanted to fuck
Katie screamed, demanding control again.
Matt only smiled and stopped finger fucking her. He then
lowered his body against hers. She wrapper her legs around
his body and grabbed his ass, smiling all the while. Matt
took her hand and moved it to his cock, "Guide me to you...
show me you want it. How you want it you little slut!",
Matt ordered. Katie grabbed his dick and shoved it hard
into her pussy, screaming when he did it. Matt smiled cause
he knew she would pick fast and hard. What a perfect fuck!
Matt pounded faster and FASTE, going HARDER AND HARDER into
her wet ass pussy. "OHHHHH YESS FUCK FUCK FUCK ME!!!!
at Matt.
Matt was bretahing so hard, going harder and faster,
knowing he was so close. Katie screamed his name as she
cummed. one more quick thrust had Matt shotting his cum
too. "OHHH BABBYYY GODDDD YESSSSSS!!!", Matt groaned.

Katie fell limp onto the bed again letting Matt fall limp
on her. Matt grabbed and rubbed her tits, making her smile.

She had perfect control... He was hers now... Always and

Written by Me

Well what do you think? Got any ideas for more? I want to
start writing again. If you want to read the old ones go to
June 11th. From the 11th and on I have LOTS of stories.


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