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2001-10-19 23:11:29 (UTC)

BEST BIRTHDAY!!! 10/15/2001

Sweet god I had the BEST BIRTHDAY!!!! hehe

First off Marshall called me and he came over for about 20
minutes... Well not sure what he thinks of me... no idea.
Hopefully I will be able to talk to him and see whats up
with him. Talking to him on yahoo right now...

We are friends and I like it better that way. I know he
lied to me. When he came over there was this look in his
eyes... He had a girl and he had told that, but he was
really nuts for her...that he didn't tell me. I knew it
when he walked through my door. So I'm totally cool with
it. He is happy and we are friends and I'm glad for it =)
hehe. You know? I told you I would most likely be friends
with him =)

Jarod comes home in 2 days!!!

My birthday fucking ROCKED!!! First off i figured out the
whole Marshall thing pretty much. Then I went over to
Charlene's to get her. Then we walked back to my house and
had my birthday dinner. We had Steak, yummy, dill dip with
carrots, french bread, and a fruit salad. (Healthy meal
actually) Then my cake was this vanilla with creamy
chocolate frosting, topped off with big sweet rasberries.
YUMMY!!! We headed back to her house to get ready at about

April and Justin came and picked Charlene and me up at
Charlene's place at 9:15pm and we drove to Cowboys. It was
pretty packed already, but it got even more so later. We
picked a table and right away started shaking our booties
and tits around. The night was great. Charlene, April. and
Justin were so nice they had the Cowboys say Happy Birthday
to me. hehe YAY =) I was up on all these guys. Like I would
just be dancing and laughing with my friends, and out of no
where soem guy would be humping my ass LOL. I was having a
blast. Some guy who I was freaking with kissed me... I was
like WOOOOO! But I won't let it go farther.. I DO REALLY
like Jarod! =)

I miss Jarod =(

Well after Cowboys close at 2am we went to a party to get
even more drunk LOL. We were all SO FUCKED UP!!!!! lol. I
got home at about 4am though LOL I got TWO HOURS OF

Well got to run... god I am so tired...

See ya!

Me time
Hair= Down and curled
Cloths= Tan flare pants, dark blue sweat shirt and my cloud
Listening= "Gone" by nysnc, on the cd
Thinking= That I want Jarod!
Doing= Not a damn thing
Eating= My birthday cake
Talking= To J.D. and Rae.