DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
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2001-10-19 22:54:05 (UTC)

PaRt 4 ThE EsCaPe

stOrY IsH BaK thE esCaPe

ASh n jOsH BrEaK OuT Of jAiL WiF AlIsHa n eLiZa lEaVeN
FaItH ThErE To lUsT ThE CoPs faItH WhIsTlEs aT ThIs fTa
cOp wAlKeN ArOuNd tO MaKe sUrE EvErYoNeS DeRe sHe sLoWlY
TaKeS OfF HeR ShIrT PrEsSeN On hEr bOoBs mAkEn dIs dUdE
DrOoL hIm wAnTeN HeR So bAd hIm nEeDeD To tOuCh hEr bReAsTs
ShE SlOwLy tAkEs oFf hEr pAnTs mAkEn hIm gO WiLd mAkEn hIm
wAnT To pUlL OuT HiS BiG FaT CoCk n pLaCe iT In hEr tIgHt
aSs pUsSy *LmFaO LiL ToO MuCh dEtAiL*
ShE SlOwLy uNsNaPz hEr bRa n pUlLeN DoWn hEr pAnTsIeS MaKeN
HiM Go eVeN MoRe kRaZi sHe sLoWlY SeYz "CoMe hErE BiG MaN
ShOw mE WaT I BeEn mIsSiN OuT On"hE UnLoCkS Da jAiL CeLl n
cOmEs iN N FaItH TaKeS OfF HiS PaNtS N PuLlS DoWn hIs
bOxErS N ThEn uNsNaPpEn hIs sHiRt sHe lIcKs hIs sToMaCh
gOeS ArOuNd n rOuNd wElL He fEeLs hEr bReAsTs uP He lIxS
DeM MoRe tHaN EvAh n tHeN LiCkS ArOuNd hEr pUsSy mAkEn hEr
cReAm *LmFaO SeX ScEnE*hiM NeEdEn tO PuLl hIs cOx rIgHt oUt
n jAm iT In hEr tIgHt aSs pUsSy *ShEs 16 N Da cOpZ 26*hIm
pUlLeN HiS CoCk oUt wHiLe fAiTh sUcKs oN It mAkEn hIm wAnT
To cUm bAd tHeN He sLoWlY LaYs hEr dOwN PuLlEn hIs bIg cOx
iN HeR TiGhT AzZ YoUnG PuSsY wHiLe aLl tHiS Is gOiN On JOsH
elIzA asH N alIsHa aRe mAkEn tHeIr wAy oFf tHe jAiL
PrOpErTy tHeY MaKe a rUn tOwArD ThE NeArEsT StOrE ChAnGeN
OuT Of tHeIr cLoThEs n cHaNgEn iNtO SuM ClOtHeS ThEy sToRe
fRoM DaT ClOtHeN StOrE ELiZa pIcKs tHiS ShIrT ThAtS SeE
ThRu u cAn sEe hEr bReAsTs aNd sHe gEtS DiS TiGhT AsS PaNtS
ToO alIsHa wEaRs tHiS ReD DrEaMy sIlKy sExY DrEsS AnD joSh
wEaRs tHiS ThUgGeD OuT ClOtHeS AnD Of cOuSe ASh wEaRs dAt
bLaCk tIgHt aSs sHoRt dReSs mAkEn JOsH WaNt tO JaM HiS CoCk
iN HeR PuSsY NoW..whEn FAiTh hAs bEeN MaKeN It wOrTh a
wHiLe tO ThIs cOp iTs bEeN 5 HoUrS SiNcE HeS BeEn fUkEn
fAiTh mAd kRaZi sHe fInAlLy tAkEs dA KeYz wHeN He lAyS DoWn
n sHe lIcKs hIs cOcK N ThEn hE FiNaLlY FaLlS AsLeEp oN ThE
FlOoR FaItH GeTs uP N PuTs hEr bRa n pAnTiEs bAk oN N ThEn
gEtS HeR SuM SeXy cLoThEs n sHe rUnS OfF N ShEs gOnE ShE
GeTs oN A BuS MeEtS Up wIf ELiZa JOsH asH alIsHa nEaR
MeXiCo tHeY MeEt uP N HuGz eAcH OtHeR ThEy pLaN On gOiNg
fUrThEr aWaY ThEy aLl wAlK InTo mExIcO MeEtEn lOtS Of nEw

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