Hidden thoughts and alibis
2001-10-19 22:42:17 (UTC)

The Human Condition

What makes you like, love, hate, loath and respect people?

I think it's a question this past few days has been
plauging me. At what point does friendship turn to love? At
what point does love turn to obsession and at want point
does dislike turn to hate?

Furthermore, even if there were any pre-determined points
of emotion, how do we as people recognise them?

I think I'm still in "love" or whatever with Alana, but
it's been so long since I've spoken to her I have forgotten
why I feel the way I do about her, and thats a horrible
thing to do.

I guess all this is leading up to something, and I think I
know what it is. Never be content with the way you feel
about someone, always remember WHY you feel that way. I
picked up a photograph of Alana the other day and the
reasons I feel the way I do about her came flooding back,
because it made me remember what she was like - physically,
mentally, emotionally. Similar thing with Sarah, the past
month or two I've felt like maybe we were losing touch with
each other, we seemed to be into different things, finding
it harder to talk etc. I went to town with her yesterday,
and I had a great time and I remembered what it was about
her that makes her my closest friend. Same with Joe, me and
Joe talk all the time and we have a great time, and
recently there has been a connection between us that is
almost infantile, innocent, just like it used to be when we
were kids. A similar thing happened with my band, I started
to think about other things in life, other paths. Recently,
we've started writing again, and recording, and I realise
this band is what I want to do with my life, and the people
I want to do it with.

I guess, what I'm saying may be some grand statement that
only someone important should make, but it's true: Life
starts becoming meaningless when you forget why it mean't
something in the first place. I think people get used to
what they have and forget why they wanted it, and thats
when life seems to drag and becoming inconsequential. If
you ever feel like those things that mean't so much start
to mean nothing - remember why they mean't so much.

And, thats all I have to say ;)