2001-03-10 18:45:26 (UTC)

Sensual pleasure is always an..

Sensual pleasure is always an option, but isn't it time to
go deeper?
If you want others to think well of you, show them the
substance of your inner beauty . Show them something that
they wouldn't understand .Show them something inner
beauty,that they might not see with out help a helping
hand. They ust need to do more than open thier eyes...they
need to ALSO open thier HEART'S & MIND'S....Everything is
beautiful in its on away.

All people are beautiful there is more to people than looks
One who lets other's see thier inner self is the truthly
beatiful people.. Really what is OUTER beauty ? Its just
skin...... So those people who think they are the shit
cause they are so pretty .Well guess what when there 40 &
50years old... They will never look as good as the person
who wasnt hooked on there self....I rather be a good person
then walk around saying shit on other...