Life as I know it.
2001-10-19 22:38:36 (UTC)

and so the conversation turned until the sun went down

Ok soi had a horrible night last night. Me and Jen were
suppoed to party like rockstars, but alas I was blown off
for a guy and drugs...so Iwas bitter. THen I called
Lindsay and she never calld me back...but i found out she
lept til 10pm and then went straight to erica's since that
is where she was supposed to be at 8pm. Then Kistin was
just being lazy but listening. Then Adam who knew i wanted
to drink told me to come over and we would drink, but alas
he wa in a weird mood. So i comeback here and cry cause im
so freking stressed and then i talk to alan who actually
made everything ok. Then matt came online, and since im
alrady in a sad depressed mood i decided to talk to him,
the conversation went great, at least i know he loves me
still...and i think if we both try hard enough we will make
things work. I hope so. He is online now but i have
nothig to say to him cause i dont know what to say, we
talked a lot last night and nothing happened to me and im
sure im either gonna talk to him later tonight or tomorrow
(he is supposed to call me) so it doesnt matter. Anyway im
outta here.

Going to a party and the antoehr party.......drinking is fun