DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
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2001-10-19 22:22:56 (UTC)

LoVe SoNgY

I've been in love
& I can say I did it all
When u least expect it
dat's when u take da fall
& when u're lookin
Dat special one 4 u
Was always dere
Standin next 2 u
I finally found you
The dream of my life has come true
Now all my heartaches
Are left behind with my mistakes
No 1 in this world
Can ever b compared 2 u
No 1 I say no 1
Has evah loved me like u do
No 1 in dis world
Can ever take da place of u
No 1 I say no 1
Has ever touched me like u do
I've never felt dis way
Bout no 1 before
U're all I ever wanted
It's u who I adore
Baby, I love u
U make me feel brand new
U know wat 2 say
& u know wat 2 do
I can't believe
Could dis be just a dream
Then wake me wit a kiss
Ur love is hard 2 resist
I love Drew he makes me compelete
liLkrAzygrl143: i luv yer accent lol

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