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2001-10-19 22:06:42 (UTC)

Holloween and Today

I am a convict for Holloween. (Maybe Im overplaying the
Jean Valjean thing? Oh well.) Anyway I look really weird in
it and Im not sure I want to go to school in it ^_^. Oh
well, why not? (Because you can look like a dork.)

As you can see my mind is never at rest. Anyways, I am
releved and high strung at the same time. I thought Mrs.
Leonard-Peace would yell at me for requesting a parent-
teacher confrince thing. I was really uncomfortable handing
her the note. She was so nice to me and I felt like she was
going to blow up any minute.

Perhaps I should explain before I go any farther. Mrs.
Leonard-Peace is my no nonsence English teacher, who I like
but undoubtly has impossable School performance
standards. She teaches her class under an iron fist, and Im
lucky she likes me- still.

Anyway she tells my mom that Im doing great in her class
(yea!) and three days later she gives me a paper that says
Im getting an "F" in her class (Boo!). So my dad gave me a
note to give her...and It didn't go as well as I hoped...

To make a painful memory short she wasn't enthused as she
read it. Anyway, I dreaded giving her my dads work card and
crap (Which I had to give today.). I thought she would give
me the same cold stare she did yesterday and it turns out
she was as happy as a lark. I was VERY SURPRISED. She seems
the type to hold a grudge.

Even though things seem ok now, I still am nervous. I am
an "A" "B" student. I got honors all four marking periods
last year (Im in my second year of highschool) and I was
expecting to do so again. BUT IM FAILING ENGLISH CLASS, AND

I DONT want to be held back...I would rather take summer
school. (Which looks like an option if I stay in Mrs.
Leonard-Peace's class.)