DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
2001-10-19 21:57:40 (UTC)


My heart breaks when i her his name
My heart breaks when i hear his voice
My heart breaks when his name slowly pops up online
My heart wounders why all this pain is hurting me
Maybe i still love him
Maybe i did the wrong thing
Maybe i just miss him
Yet i know one thing
He loves me more than anything
So why did i make him leave me?
But yet why love someone like me
Who is..
Filled wif pain
Filled wif hurtful memories
Filled wif so much Sorrow
Filled wif hate
Who is only skared
To get close to anyone
Why did he leave?
Why didnt i stop him?
Why did i just sit here and watch him vanish?
Why am i hurten when i have done this to myself?